Welcome to the Trench

Welcome to YAvolt! I’m currently in the process of reading up for my first review, and I’m still setting up the particulars of the site (social media access buttons, minor layout details, etc.), but I thought I’d take a quick minute to talk about what YAvolt! is all about, and expand on the information already living on the About page.

So what is YAvolt!? Sounds like German. Will there be brachts?

Let’s start here: YAvolt! is a title of two parts:

First, YA. What is it? Well, if you’re here, you either already know, or, as Obi Wan put it, you’re taking your first steps into a larger world. YA stands for Young Adult, particularly Young Adult literature. In my opinion, it’s home to some of the best books around. Who, for example, will ever forget the mysterious and tragic Severus Snape? Who didn’t get choked up at the end of Where the Red Fern Grows, or wriggle with disgust and suspense as Stanley Yelnats of Holes fame horked down those wild onions to survive?

Those classic titles endure, and will forever. But where are the new classics? The new stories whose plots make our hearts race, soar, and break in equal measure? That make us scratch our heads in wonder, drop our jaws, and inspire use to tell stories of our own?

The second part of YAvolt!: volt. Is that “volt”, like, the volt that shocks? Partly. “Volt” also belongs to the word “revolt”. So when you consider that a volt is something that shocks, a revolt is a rebellion, and the prefix “re” signifies a repetition, you could use my wacky, unofficial word logic to say that to revolt means “to shock again.”

Now the question is: If YAvolt! is a combination of “Young Adult lit” and “to shock again”, why would anyone need to shock YA lit again?  Has it become lazy? Did it die? Is it on the literary ambulance and needs a defibrulator, STAT?!

No. Nothing–nothing–is wrong with YA lit. Our literary niche is chocked full of fantastic voices like Kenneth Oppel, Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, M.T. Anderson, Libba Bray, Rick Yancey, and Laurie Halse Anderson. Such voices grace our bookshelves and constantly accrue the accolades they so rightly deserve.

Then what’s a YAvolt! and why should I do it?

However, when I peruse my local bookstore, I feel like the content within has shrunk to an increasingly select few types of stories. Maybe that’s my taste and mine alone, but if you find yourself returning to YAvolt!, perhaps you and I think the same.

Therefore, we need to re-shock each other, and ourselves in a literary way, and thats what YAvolt! is all about. Let’s shock ourselves as a reading community with all the amazing and unique YA content we can find. It’s my goal at YAvolt! to shine a spotlight on the awesome, cool, quirky, and insane work from writers that think outside the box, both past and present, and to be a resource for readers who do the same. Think of it as a spin on the adage about having lemons and making lemonde, except there are no lemons, just lemonade and a ton of great books to read while we drink it.

So this is me, raising my glass of lemonade to you and saying pick up a book, read with me, and let’s start a YAvolt!


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