Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone?

Where have all the flowers blogposts gone?

Long time passing,

Where have all the flowers blogposts gone?

Long time ago?


So where have I been this week? Typically, I’m trying to do two blog posts a week, a random book-related post, and a review / thoughts related to something I’m currently reading. However, as I share my blog time with the bill-payer (hereafter referred to as THE JOB), and this week was crazy! Projects need redoing, late nights were had, and alas, in Diane Keaton / Jack Nicholson fashion, something had to give.

But in other news, I love Net Galley! I know I’m a little late to that party, but that wonderful site for requesting ebook galleys may be the thing that finally tips me over into the Nook / Kindle owning portion of the America’s literary demographic. There’s something seriously appealing to the almost instantaneous reponse I received from the publishers I made requests to that makes me think it’s some kind of magic, some technology evolved to the point of seamless, joyous applicability.

So what does that all mean? Basically, I’ve got galleys to keep me going well into the 2012! And that’s a happy day for this reader, and the continued and future awesomeness of YAvolt!

Coming up soon, as promised, my review of The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, my thoughts on my first time nominating something for anything, and in December, The Demi-Monde!

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2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone?

  1. Book Chic says:

    Netgalley is awesome. I use my laptop though to read e-galleys because I am too poor to buy a Nook/Kindle/other e-reader. Besides, my laptop works just fine. Did you get some Random House titles? They have ones up through August 2012, lol.

    But I do also prefer physical copies for the vast majority of my reading because they don’t expire like e-galleys do. It can be hard for me to keep up with all the titles I request.

    • yavolt says:

      I did indeed get some Random House lol. And yeah, normally I’d shy away from using e-galleys ‘cuz I don’t have the monies for a Kindle / Nook / Cruze / [fill in the blank lol], but it looks like I can use the Adobe Digital Editions plugin for Net Galley to read stuff on my iPod Touch, which will make for awesome lunch breaks at work haha. :p

      And yes, hard copies always and forever. I love holding a book in my bookwormy little mitts.

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